Cheerful Giver

The Keep Going Baguio team of VOLUNTEERS wishes to thank everyone who was instrumental in allowing us to reach more people through various platforms and online support programs. We would like to thank all our friends and friends of friends who untiringly shared their time, efforts, and aid for our becoming. We have reached close to 10,000 pesos and we are still welcoming donations! All resources pulled together are aimed at the following programs, projects, and events to support the advocacy:

  1. The website;
  2. A monthly subscription to Zoom as a platform for Virtual Meet-Ups (VMU’s) and Webinars;
  3. Aid people with mental illnesses in times of pandemic and emergencies;
  4. Virtual training of volunteers and propositions for the Keep Going Baguio Handbook;
  5. Production of T-shirts and merchandise for the sustainability of advocacies; and
  6. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration fees and capital requirements for a non-government, non-profit, and non-stock corporation in progress. We will be doing business under the name BAGUIO MENTAL HEALTH WARRIORS, INC. real soon!

If you’re willing to give more, do click donate and we’re all set to help each other. After all, we are a community! 🙂

With gratitude,

Admin Leslie

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