Notes of Hope is a weekly writing prompt on our Facebook page in the form of a virtual post-it note. Followers of the page are encouraged to comment their thoughts, with the writing prompt as the opening line.

There are no word limits or language restrictions but we request that commenters avoid posting anything triggering, graphic or explicit.

The page admins will select their favorite entries at the end of the week, lay them out on a post-it note and add them to the album “Wall of Hope“.

We hope that through this simple activity, we can help foster creativity, encourage openness about mental health, and spread hope and inspiration within the local mental health community at a time when we need it most.

This Week’s Prompt

This week, instead of commenting on this photo, we encourage you to post on a Facebook friend’s timeline instead (or send a PM, if that’s more your style).

For those too young to remember, Friendster was a social networking site in the early 2000’s where people exchanged “testimonials” — personal posts ranging from funny to cheesy to heartwarming about what they thought of the person and how much they valued and appreciated their friendship.

So for Notes of Hope we thought about doing a Facebook X Friendster crossover. Maybe you’ve always thought the world of someone or you’re extremely grateful for having a particular person in your life but never told them because there are few opportunities and it would be awkward to just suddenly say it out of the blue. Well, use this prompt as an “excuse” to finally tell them. 

Don’t forget to include the hashtags #FriendsterTesti and #KeepGoingBaguio. We won’t be tracking your testimonials (and we’re unlikely to be able to anyway because of privacy settings), but the hashtags will inform your friends why you are posting on their walls. And hopefully, it will get more people to do the prompt.

And the reward for participating? The joy of knowing that you brightened someone’s day.

Past Prompts

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