Support Teachers’ Mental Health

Hello, Dear Teachers!

How are you? Remote teaching is very challenging, isn’t it? We can’t begin to imagine all the hard work and dedication you put into your modules and online classes, on top of all your other responsibilities. So no matter what you are doing now, we encourage you to take a break and have a mental health check.

First, as you continue to do your tasks, continue as well to remember how many lives are being transformed with each page and call you make. May this sense of purpose give you the strength to keep going.

Second, now more than ever, you need to be incredibly kind to yourself. Stop and take a breather when things get too overwhelming. Mindfulness is a powerful technique you can harness to reduce stress and anxiety. Also, make sure you’re getting enough sleep, exercise and healthy food.

Lastly, reach out. The world is full of compassionate individuals who are ready to listen. Don’t keep it all bottled up. Talk with your co-teachers and school leaders or call someone you trust and tell them what you’re feeling. Or send us a message right here — our inbox is open 24/7. Always remember that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Teachers, please take care of your physical and mental well-being. For our part, we will continue pushing for open-door policies, guidance programs and formal support networks in your workplaces, as well as encouraging students and parents to work hand-in-hand with you with compassion and understanding.

Teachers, we thank you for everything you do for our students — and for our country’s future. We celebrate you today and everyday

– from your friends at Keep Going Baguio

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