What are VMUs?

VMUs are the online equivalent of a support group meet-up. The goal of the VMUs is for people to have a safe space online to freely express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences during these tough times, and for them to learn from each other’s sharings. We discuss a new topic related to mental health every week.


The VMUs are NOT a substitute for professional help. If you feel like you may be suffering from depression or other mental illness, please contact Psychstart Psychological, Academic and Art Services or the BGH Psychiatry Mental Health Support and Services to book an appointment with a mental health professional.

VMU Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can join the VMUs?

To ensure privacy and confidentiality, only the registered members of Keep Going Baguio may join. We post the monthly Zoom link on our Keep Going Baguio Mental Health Warriors Group and the VMU Group Chat. We accept new members on the first three days of each month. Registering as a member of KGB is completely free of charge.

What app do I need to use?

You will need to install Zoom on your computer or phone to join the meeting (download here: https://zoom.us/).

When are VMUs held?

For now, we hold it every Sunday at 4 PM. However, we are looking into adding more sessions/schedules so please stay tuned.

Are VMUs livestreamed?

No, they are not livestreamed. The meetings are recorded by Keep Going for posterity and evaluation purposes only, and the recordings will not be made public. This is for the confidentiality of the participants and what they share during the VMU.

Do I need to turn on my video? What if I only want to listen?

Participants are encouraged to turn on their video and participate in the discussion, but they are not required to do so. You may let us know through the chatbox if you’re not comfortable using video or if you just want to listen.

Who facilitates VMUs?

VMUs are facilitated by registered psychologist Shinx Hombrebueno and registered guidance counselor Evita Onchangco.

Past VMU Topic Posters